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Who is the woman behind Feminine Leadership?


Vered NetaVered Neta

Vered Neta is a trainer, coach and author in the areas of creating personal and professional success.

She is the co-founder and owner of Open Circles Academy, an international center for Personal Growth and Leadership located in Amsterdam, Holland.

Open Circles Academy works from the vision of: "Creating a Better World by Empowering People to Fulfill Their Greatest Potential"

Vered has been a trainer since 1990 and worked with more than 40,000 people all over the world. She specializes in issues of Communication, Leadership development, Relationships and Team Building, Creating Vision for companies and achieving success.

In the last few years she has developed a whole curriculum of workshops and training programs for women on Personal Power, Feminine Leadership and a more business approach for it - Male and Female Energy in the Workplace - How to bring Harmony and Balance into the Workplace.

Before working as a trainer, Vered worked in the Educational Field and created a new concept of museums for kids and built the first one in Jerusalem (The Jerusalem City Museum). Since then the concept has been adopted by the British Museum and The Smithsonian museums.
The idea is that kids will take active part in the museum and learn while playing games of adventure in the Museum.

Vered has written a few books (with her partner) on Relationships (Art of Lovemaking) and about how to motivate yourself in life (Jump-Start-Your-Life). In 2007 her book: "Communication for Success" will be available, based on her work in the last 18 years on this issue. She is now busy writing her next book on Feminine Leadership.

Vered lives with her partner, Nisandeh Neta, and their daughter Thom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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